“Easy” by Tammara Webber

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Have you ever been in your car listening to the radio when a song from your past came on?   In that moment, were you able to member where you were when you first or last heard that song?

In my opinion, when it comes to music there are 3 kinds of people… First, there are those who focus on the music itself.  You know who you are.  You feel the rhythm and the beat… you feel the pulse of the music as it affects the pulse of your heart. As the tempo increases.. your body moves faster..when the chords begin to slow, so do your hips..your hands..your blood.  Then there are those of you who focus on lyrics. The written words of a song can bring you to tears, or can pull forth a smile. The right song can take you on a journey back to your first kiss; your first break-up; the day you made love for the first time…the day you found out your best friend was hooking-up with your boyfriend. The third group, while no less important,  usually likes music..appreciate all aspects of it but it may not live in their soul. Take my husband and I for example, we can here a song while in the car…I will say, “Oh honey…how incredible was that? I wish you would say those things to me.” His response will be…”That was a great song..but what did he say that was so wonderful?” (Heehee….love that man!)

Needless to say, I am lyric person.  The words of a song or those written in a story seep into my ears, my eyes, and straight into my heart. They affect me so profoundly and sometimes they stay with me forever.  I remember the main events in my life by the songs that were playing in the background.  Therefore, when I read a book written by a truly talented author, their words take on a lyrical quality and stay with me long after I have finished reading the story.  That is the case with “Easy” a novel written by Tammara Webber.

Unlike most of the books I choose, this book came to me from the Amazon.com suggestion bar.  (Quick explanation, when you purchase enough books from Amazon.com, they start giving you suggestions based on your previous purchases.) So Amazon “told me” that if I liked “Slammed” by Collen Hoover, “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire, and “Love Unscripted” by Tina Reber then I would like “Easy” by Tammara Webber.  Well, I didn’t like those other books..I FREAKING LOVED THEM!  So I pushed “buy” and here I am.

“Easy” takes place on a college campus that could easily be any campus any where in the U.S.  It’s not too big, not too small..it’s full of students 18-22 years of age.  People are there to study, to learn, to make friends, to make-out, to party, and to have fun!…it’s..COLLEGE!  In the first scene we meet our heroine, Jacqueline.   Jacqueline had followed her high school boyfriend to the college of his choice and now that he has broken up with her (YES..that’s right!!) she needs to figure out life on her own.  In that same first scene, Ms. Webber writes a breath stopping and traumatic situation that introduces us to our hero.  (For the purpose of keeping treasures hidden, I am not going to give you his name right now….sorry!)  However, this hero is a beautiful, strong, avenging angel that captures  Jacqueline’s attention.

Since going through the drama of a break-up and now the trauma of the other situation, Jacqueline realizes that she is failing one of her classes.  Her professor, a kind and understanding man (you will find out why he’s so understanding in the book) gives Jacqueline a chance to redeem herself by working with the class’s tutor on a project.  Since she has a class during Landon’s (the tutor) study hours, he decides he will help her through email.  Jacqueline and Landon start to form a relationship.  Jacqueline and her hero are starting to get closer. While all this is happening, the situation from the first scene is still wreaking havoc in Jacqueline’s life.

While in my telling, it may seem like there is so much going on,  in “Easy” but  Ms. Webber uses her lyrical quality to weave a most beautiful tale.  “Easy” deals with so many difficult issues, however, Ms. Webber delivers her messages with care.  At no point does she dumb down her characters.  Ms. Webber allows her heroes to show weakness and her heroines to show strength.  She doesn’t make the women fragile, she empowers them!   She paints amazing scenes both lovely and tragic. She creates extraordinarily sexy situations but keeps them beautiful and tender.

I loved this story!  I loved Ms. Webber’s lyrics, her rhythm, her beat.  I loved the descriptions of the characters both main and supporting.  While I knew that Jacqueline and her hero (sorry..not telling his name!!) were going to be just fine…I wasn’t ready to give them up.  I wanted more time with them.

So to answer your unspoken question…or your future question…If you liked “Slammed,” Beautiful Disaster,” and “Love Unscripted” you will love “Easy.”  If you read “Easy” and love it… I just gave you three more books for your reading list!

I look forward to hearing from you.




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2 responses to ““Easy” by Tammara Webber

  1. I loved “Easy”! A few of my friends insisted I read the “Fifty Shades” series, but I really didn’t want to. I finally did, and ever since, I’ve been reading non-stop. I read “Beautiful Disaster” and then “Easy”. I’ve also read “Bared to You” – can’t wait for the next one to arrive. Then I moved onto “Slammed” and “Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover, and “Unlovable” by Sherry Gammon. Tammara Webber’s “Between the Lines” series is also really good. I’m now reading “Reason to Breathe”, and enjoying it greatly. I’m reading through these books so quickly, I know I’m going to run out of things to read! Any other suggestions that I should check out?

    • Wendi, I have so many suggestions..Have you gone through all of the books on my blog? I only blog about books that I LOVE so anything on Lisa’s Reads is a must read. Start there!

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