“Love Evolution” by Michelle Mankin

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Love Evolution: A rock ‘n roll love story based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

How many times have you read a book and fallen in love with the characters?  You then find out that the book is going to be made into a movie…so you and your friends play the “Who do you think…?” game.  It goes like this…You: “So, Who do you think will play (sexy hot guy)?”  Friend: “Ummm…Robert Pattinson?”  You: “No way, I’m thinking Chris Hemsworth.” Friend: ” I can see that…What about (super cutie girl)?” So on and so forth.  You wait and wait for the movie, you watch the trailers over and over again on You Tube, and you are waiting in line at Midnight with the other crazy women (now now..don’t get upset, I’ve been in that line as well!) pretending that you are only there because your friend dragged you out!

After two hours, you and your friends are walking out to your car, all sorts of annoyed because the movie didn’t follow the book and the “stupid director” left out all of the “good parts”.  Sound familiar?

The reason why we so often suffer from what I refer to as the “That movie wasn’t nearly as good as the book” let down, is because our minds are amazing, mysterious, and completely unique.  When we read, we interpret what we want from what is written.  We form the pictures, the landscapes, the people, the relationships, and the intimacy in our mind.  When a director makes a movie, he/she takes the images he/she sees in his/her mind.  It must be hard to create a movie from a book…to put an actual vision to what so many people had in their own personal minds view.  Now, please don’t get me wrong…I can’t stand when a perfectly great book is turned into a crappy movie! Shame on those directors!  ( I know you are waiting for me to give examples…you’ll have to keep waiting..there is NO way I am walking into that trap…wink!)  Therefore, as much as I am sure no author would want to hear me say this, there are some books that should never be made into a movie.  That being said, those same books are wonderful, entertaining, magical, lovely reads that should be read and adored by wide audiences.

“Love Evolution” by Michelle Mankin is the type of story that you read.  You sit down, whether you are 15 or 50,  you start on page one and you just read straight through.  Ok, you can stop for a snack and a bathroom break but otherwise, you just keep going until you’re done.  “Love Evolution” is a tale of revelation, romance, and rock n roll.  Our heroine, Avery, has just found out that her beloved twin brother Justin has been murdered and that she is being held responsible to pay off the debt that led to his demise.  Avery is a prodigal guitar player and lyricist.  Now that Justin is dead their musical duo is gone as well.  Avery’s agent, Trevor, is trying to find a new band for Avery to join in order for her to get the money she needs to pay off Justin’s debt.

Enter Brutal Strength…one of the most popular bands in the world.  Their lead singer, Marcus Anthony, just come out of drug rehab and is looking to make a fresh start and their lead guitarist quit.  Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Avery except for the fact that Marcus refuses to let women in his band!  Now what?  (This is where the whole movie this would get difficult…because there is no way that people would ever agree with the casting.)  Trevor decides to have Avery dress up like a “guy” and audition for Brutal Strength. Hmm…what happens next?

While the story line isn’t an original… Shakespeare, Yentl, Mrs. Doubtfire… Ms. Mankin took her story and evolved it into something different and beautiful.  Ms. Mankin, placed her smooth lyrics in the mouths of her characters making them even more remarkable.  Where there could have been unnecessary drama and silliness, Ms. Mankin stuck to her story line and kept it on track.  She even added a surprise twist at the end that even I never saw coming!!

Here is my Non-warning: This book is a beautifully written story for a wide age range audience.  There is no sexual activity, no drug use, very little alcohol consumption and very minimal use of profanity.  While none of those things are included in the story…none of them are missed!  Moms…this is one of those books you and your tween/teen daughter can read together.

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  1. What a sweet review, Lisa, I love how you perfectly captured the ups and downs of seeing a movie from a beloved book. How’s this for a hopefully not too controversial example: A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Jinkies that was bad! Anyway, you also did a great job of conveying the fun of this charming book

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