Lisa’s Booty

I just put new booty in the treasure chest…Check it out!


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77 responses to “Lisa’s Booty

  1. Nicole

    “Thoughtless” or “Effortless” are on my summer read list! I am so happy the are in Lisa’s Booty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christi Murray

    Your books are amazing! I’ve recommended them to everyone I know! Kellen is my dream! ;0) I’m entering the booty contest!

  3. Stephanie D Bruster

    I absolutely love the Thoughtless saga!! I was fixing to purchase the books for a friend for a gift. I read on my Kindle Fire, which makes it so nice to not have to wait till the store opens to read all of these amazing, they are at my fingertips. And ever since I started the first book, Thoughtless, I have wanted a D-bag shirt!!
    I am a new reader, it’s simply amazing how I get so involved in the lives of the story I’m reading. It truly is better than watching a movie. Altgought I agree, this saga would make a blockbuster movie!!

    • Stephanie, I already adore you! First…please send me your Facebook page with Lisa’s Reads link..So I can enter you in the contest. Second, make sure that you sign up to follow Lisa’s Reads..because now that you are sucked into the reading world..there are sooooo many books that I have reviewed that you will LOVE!!

  4. Amber Dempsey

    S.C. is by far my favorite Indie author. It’s not just Tboughtless and Effortless that I fell in love with. It’s everything she writes. Her Conversion series. It’s All Relative. Not a Chance. Collision Course. She is an Amazing independant author and I am glad I have found her work.

    It also doesn’t help she has made an incrediably sexy, I want more, gorgeous character:)

    I can’t wait for more from S.C.!

  5. jessica r

    I could read these books again and again.

    • Hi Jessica, They are great books. If you are entering the contest..please send me the Facebook link with both S.C Stephens and Lisa’s Reads on your page. Thank you!!

  6. Karen Alvarado

    Love Thoughtless and Effortless!!

  7. Maranda O'neill

    I LOVE these books! I have read them several times, can’t wait for the third! I would love to have the books,I have them on my ipad! Pick me, pick me, PLEASE:-):-)

  8. Erin Patterson

    LOVE your books!! Cannot wait for Reckless!:)

  9. How do u enter for the contest?! I thought I dodd, but not seeing my post.

  10. patricia

    I cant help but silently giggle at the word booty…teehee

  11. katielowden

    I loved both books!! :)

  12. Lindsie

    I love the the Thoughtless series!!! Ever since I got my kindle a year and a half ago…I have read over 170 books! (yikes) When people ask me what book they should read Thoughtless is number one on my list! I just love this author! Ms. Stephens is so great to all of her fans! I would love to get my hands on a d-bags shirt!!

  13. shannon goswick

    I hope I win!!!

  14. Hey! I would love to enter this contest! Its not showing up on my mobile phone though and I’m not by my computer! I would love to review these books one day! They are definitely on my TBR list.

  15. let me know what I need to do to enter! Unless it was just leaving the comment:-)

  16. Angel Marie

    Love love love these books one of the first ones I read this summer ahhhh what I would do to forget and read it again :)!!

  17. lindsey leblanc

    How do I enter??? Love the series xox

  18. I LOVED them and I hope I entered the right way….:) I would love to have copies and the T-shirt would be Proudly warn!!!!

  19. Megan Santiago

    I have read both these fabulous books and i am awaiting Reckless. How do I enter these contests?

  20. hunterswife48

    I LOVED them both….:) I hope I entered correctly because I would love to have copies of both books and would Proudly sport a douche bags T-shirt!!!!

  21. Megan Santiago

    Ok i figured it out. I liked, commented and shared. Mission complete! I hope you see this. I wish i could go to her book signing event but Im in California and she’ll be in chicago… Please pick me i have almost all her book. Its All Relative was an awesome book too

  22. Kimberly Donovan

    Thoughtless and Effortless are the best reads. I have read them so many times and have recommended them to others. I can not wait until Reckless.

  23. Kimberly Leger

    I would like to enter the contest. Do I just leave a comment?

  24. dana

    I loved “Thougthless” and “Effortless” and cannot wait for “Reckless”!!!!! Love me some Kellan!!!

  25. Colleen C

    loved these books!!… Can’t wait for the next one!!

    • Hi Colleen, Are you entering the contest? If so, please send me the link to your facebook page.

      If not, thank you so much for sharing your opinion! I absolutely LOVE hearing from my readers. I hope to hear from you again!!

  26. Cristina Sigala

    Im so happy that thoughtless and effortless plus a DBags shirt is on Lisa’s booty!! Woooo

  27. Chastity McGraw

    Loved both books. Put in a great plug on my fb page. Everyone of my friends know how I am on my books!! Love this blog too. Look forward to hearing about other books that u enjoy!!

  28. Angie Jackson

    Kellen is my ultimate book boyfriend. There isn’t anything I’d love more then to own the books. He’s so swoon worthy. Yummy!!!

  29. Kim Harris

    I have read Thoughtless & Effortless five times now, & I can’t seem to get my Kellan fix!! Fantastic series…my FAV!! Never thought I would like any series better than Fifty Shades…but I DEFINITELY do ;)). S. C. Stephens is the best!!! Can’t wait for Reckless. December seems too far away!!

    “Mornin”. ;)))

  30. christina

    Loved thoughtless and effortless! I can’t wait for #3 to come out!!

    • Christina, I am so glad you loved the books!! if you are interested in the contest..please send me your facebook link so I am able to see that you posted both Lisa’s Reads and S.C Stephens on your page.

      Thank you!

  31. Kasey

    Ooops….nvm lol i found the rules. Posted! (Commented on your page on fb)

  32. Jennifer Davis

    I love this series! I’m entering the contest. SC Stephens really knows how to put a romance together.

  33. I want to enter the contest! Love Kellan!

  34. Kristin Sandvig

    Thoughtless and Effortless are by FAR my favorite books! Love Kellan to death<3 Great stories!

  35. I loved these books, I have read them like 10 times each. I can’t wait until the next one comes one.

  36. Hey Lisa! I shared your blog page on my Facebook and tagged your Facebook page and SC Stephen’s facebook page as well in the subject matter!

    Here is the link to my facebook wall to show it posted. If you can’t see it, let me know!

  37. Karla Eaton

    I’d love to enter the contest. My facebook link is

  38. I would like to enter the contest please loved the “Thoughtless” series patiently awaiting third book in the series sure hoping it is not the last. This is my link to my Facebook let me know what else I should do

  39. Sandy

    Love kellen can’t wait for #3
    Count me in on your giveaway

  40. Lori

    Hi Lisa,

    I just added you as a friend because I wasn’t sure how to send a Facebook link. I love your blog and sc Stephens books! In fact, we have similar taste in books so I definitely will continue to check out your awesome blog!

  41. *jen*

    How do i enter the contest?

    • Hi Jen, all you need to do is post/share or give a shout out to Lisa’s Reads on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. You also need to “like” S.C Stephens Facebook page. Please send me the link one you have done those 2 things and you will be entered.

      See you soon,

  42. Amy Haigler

    I want to enter for the Thoughtless stuff!!

  43. shelly

    Loved Thoughtless and Effortless! Told all my friends about them too! Can’t wait for more Kellen!

  44. Lisa Gridley

    Hi how do I enter this week’s comp ? X

  45. Leslie

    I can’t even begin to gush enough about how much I have enjoyed reading & re-reading Thoughtless & Effortless. Such a beautiful love story & an emotional roller coaster. I am soooooo in love with Kellan! I cannot wait for part 3 to be released. I have recommended these to all who will listen. (hope I win the booty)

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