The Battered Hearts Series by Kele Moon

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Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts)
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Defying the Odds
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Star-Crossed (Battered Hearts)

Women (girls, ladies) are so funny, of course I am included in everything that I’m about to say so try not to get too offended, but we are.  From the time we realize that “boys” exist until the day that we die (that is just a guess..being that I am still alive…but still wondering) we have a running list in our head (or on paper..heehee) of all the things our perfect boy/man should be/have.  For example, if I were pulling a Weird Science (great John Hughs movie from 1985..check it out!!) experiment, my guy would be tall, and impossibly handsome, with dark hair, blue eyes, dimples in both cheeks (the cheeks on his face!), a perfect muscle sculpted body that comes naturally because I don’t want him spending too much time at the gym…he should be nice (really help an old lady cross the street nice) but a Bad Boy that can kick ass, he would have a few tattoos and some perfectly placed piercings.  He would have to be sarcastic and really really funny… and he would need to love me to pieces!!!  That being said, he would have to have his own mind and not be a push over or a wimp!  Hold on…I’m wiping the drool off of my chin….ok,  I’m good now… So let’s be honest, THAT guy does not exist.  However, as we get older, if we are lucky, we find someone that possesses what we consider the most important of our “list” traits and we have our HEA (happily ever after)!   Sometimes the HEA doesn’t happen or doesn’t last and we continue to tweek our lists in order to change with our needs.

Through my great love of reading, I have been able to meet so many “people” both men and women.  While all of the characters (my friends) affect me in some way, it is the heroes that are forever surprising me.  I honestly would have thought that by now, I would have met every single kind of  written”man” there is to meet  but to my complete astonishment and utter amazement, I am constantly finding myself wrong (and while I would never admit it to my husband and my sons) when it comes to my heroes, there is nothing that makes me happier.

Kele Moon proved to me that there are so many “heroes” still left to meet… with characters traits that have never even crossed my mind..err list.  Kele Moon started her Battered Hearts Series with two books that actually stole my heart.  I know..I cliche…but they did!  In the first book, “Defying the Odds,” we enter the small “hick town” of Garnet.  Ms. Moon does a wonderful job of laying out the scenery and setting the stage.  She gives her readers the imagery that will help to guide us through the series which will hopefully give us several books.  We are immediately introduced to both our hero and our heroine (Clay and Melody).  Clay is a UFC fighter and Melody is a woman on the run.  While Ms. Moon describes Clay physically as a big, beautiful, intimidating presence, we quickly learn that he is not the typical flashy, media hungry, fame monger.  Ms. Moon has written Clay with so much depth, sadness, pain, and warmth there were times were I actually felt myself hurting for him.  Melody is strong and determined.  She has been through some rough times but has managed to pick herself up and keep on moving.  She is trying to protect herself and Clay from her past.  What I do appreciate is Ms. Moon’s ability to create a great story, build a wonderful climax and not make her characters look childish in the process.

While taking Clay and Melody’s journey, Ms. Moon introduces us to Juliet (Jules) and her twin brother Wyett Conner. Jules and Wyett are Clay’s best friends…they are the closest thing he has ever had to family and the bond the three of them share is just as entertaining as it is beautiful.  Ms. Moon sets up the pieces perfectly so that the story seamlessly flows from “Defying the Odds” to “Star-Crossed” which is book two. (Since I knew I was going to read book two right away, I didn’t bother reading the book summary. Therefore, I had no idea which one of the Conner twins was coming up next. Either way I would be happy!)  As soon as I opened “Star-Crossed” I had my answer… Juliet.  Please try not to roll your eyes..this may sound silly..but I promise you it totally works!!! Juliet steps into the spot light in book two along with her hero…(a man we met in “Defying the Odds”) Romeo.  Yes, Yes I know Romeo and Juliet..”Star-Crossed” but obviously that’s the point.  Let me tell you, this book was fantastic!  I loved Clay and Melody and then…I saw Juliet and Romeo together…WOW!  Even Shakespeare would be jealous of the chemistry between these two!  However, once again, it was the heroes that blew me away.  I have never met these men!  Not only did Ms. Moon create Romeo, a strong, beautiful, intelligent, sympathetic, loving man but she also gave him two brothers.  Each of them so different from one another but none of them less vital or less significant.  When Ms. Moon blended the established characters with the newer ones, the pages lit up.  The story line was great once again using the UFC as a partial plot-line.  Romeo is a UFC fighter but his brothers are part of the Mafia.  Romeo and his brothers are Italian.  Their mother spoke Italian as a first language teaching each of them speak fluent Italian. So whenever their true emotions start to flare, be it anger, frustration, pain, or love they reveal those feelings in the most raw and expressive way they know saying them in Italian.  I found myself melting every time the transition would occur because I knew that emotions were high and change was coming.  Yes, Romeo’s story is twisted and sad but he is not so broken that he can’t see Juliet for what she is…a light in a dark world.  Without wanting to be selfish, he wants her.  Their story together is powerful and strong.

Originally, I thought the Battered Hearts Series would be three books.  Now, I can see Ms. Moon doing at least three or four more (that is based on my guess alone..not facts).  Ms. Moon has crafted so many wonderful characters, in this blogger’s opinion, they each need their own book..hint hint!

Even though I have read about a 1,000 books in my adult life, Ms. Moon’s Battered Hearts Series has shown me that there is still so much to learn, see and experience when it comes to “meeting” new characters… not just new stories.  For that I am eternally grateful!  To say that I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series would be like saying, “I like french fries.”  So let me put this into perspective…I freaking LOVE french fries!!!! I am really excited for the next installment of the Battered Hearts Series.  They are definitely worth the read.

Here is my warning:  These books contain extremely hot but totally consensual sexual encounters.  In “Star-Crossed” there is some violence due to gun shots.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.




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6 responses to “The Battered Hearts Series by Kele Moon

  1. Lisa, this whole post made me smile from ear to ear!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books and I have to admit your idea of the perfect man sounds pretty good to me ::Grins::

    And yes. . . There are going to be at least six books. . . Including one for Nova and mostly likely Tino as well (I hadn’t originally planned to write one for him, but Tino is so pushy and keeps demanding the lime light!!)

    And thank you so much for your support! I means the world!!


  2. Lisa Wombles

    I will definitely check this series out!!

  3. I have read Battered Hearts by Kele and once again she done a splendid job with Clay and Melody’s journey of finding love for two battered hearts with a lot of pain and finding someone to love and trust. Kele writes her stories where you feel like you are right there in the story and when I feel that I know I have read a good book. Keep waiting on her to come out with her other book to Beyond Eden, Danny boy story. That is one book that I loved so much and enjoyed.

  4. Chastity

    I got so excited reading your post!! I haven’t read any of her books but I will now. Downloading the first one!! Thanks for the great input!!

    • Chasitity,

      You are in for such a treat! I feel head over heals for these books. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. In the mean time, I will have to read more from this author. Let me know what you think!

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